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Government Of Assam Power

Electricity Generation in Assam

Assam Power Generation Corporation Ltd. (APGCL) was constituted after unbundling of ASEB in Dec 2004 through State Power Sector Reforms Programme under the provision of Electricity Act’2003. The final Transfer scheme was implemented on Aug’2005 with a new Company Balance Sheet w.e.f. April 2005. The company is mainly responsible for maximum energy generation to meet up the energy demand in the state. The Total Installed Capacity of APGCL is 379.7 MW and APGCL Peak Generation is around 250 MW.

APGCL comprises of 4 running Power Stations :
1) Namrup Thermal Power Station (NTPS) (119.5 MW), Namrup, Dibrugarh

UnitTypeCapacity (MW)
1Gas Turbine20
1Gas Turbine21
1Gas Turbine21
1Gas Turbine11
 TOTAL119.5 MW

2) Lakwa Thermal Power Station (LTPS) (157.2 MW), Maibella, Lakwa, Sivsagar

UnitTypeCapacity (MW)
1Gas Turbine15
2Gas Turbine15
3Gas Turbine15
4Gas Turbine15
5Gas Turbine20
6Gas Turbine20
7Gas Turbine20
8Gas Turbine37.2
 TOTAL157.2 MW

3) Karbi Langpi Hydro Electric Project (KLHEP) (100 MW) , Lengry, Amtereng, Boithalangso, Karbi Anglong:

1Hydro Turbine502Hydro Turbine50

UnitTypeCapacity (MW)

4) Myntriang Hydro Electric Project (MSHEP) St-II (3 MW), Lengry, Amtereng, Karbi Anglong:

UnitTypeCapacity (MW)
1Hydro Turbine1.5
2Hydro Turbine1.5


YearGeneration (MU)

APGCL is in the process of enhancing the Power supply position to meet up the increasing Power demand of the state. Following are the Ongoing & Upcoming Projects


Sl. No.Project NameCapacity (MW)Energy SourceExpected Commissioning
1Namrup Replacement Power Project (NRPP)100Gas63 MW Open Cycle: Aug’2016 37 MW Combined Cycle: Mar’2017
2Lakwa Replacement Power Project (LRPP)70GasMarch’2018
3Myntriang Small Hydro Electric Project (MSHEP)10.5(St-I=9St-II=1.5)HydroDecember’2016


  1. Silchar Power Project (SPP) ---- 30 MW
  2. Margherita Thermal Power Project ---- 660 MW
  3. Hydro Electric Project in Borpani River Basin
    • Borpani Middle I HEP (3 × 7.5 MW)
    • Borpani Middle II HEP (3 × 8.0 MW)
  4. Lungnit (Longnit) Small Hydro Electric Project ---- 6 MW
  5. Lower Kopili Hydro Electric Project ---- 120 MW
  6. Solar PV Power Project
    • At LTPS ----- 2 MW
    • At NTPS ----- 2 MW


  • Namrup Thermal Power Station won the prestigious Fifth India Power award in recognition of Gas heritage (First Gas Turbine Unit in India) on November 29th 2012
  • Lakwa Thermal Power Station has achieved the target of Energy Certificate under PAT scheme of BEE
  • APGCL has now become a profit making Govt. PSU.